Sunday, 30 June 2013

And away we go!

This morning my husband and I are flying out to Bulgaria! We will be there for 2.5 weeks, teaching English in a town called Ascenovgrad (which you can just about make out on the map below). The trip is run through our church, so we know some of the people, but some we have never met, which is certainly a daunting prospect!


At the end of our trip, it will be our one year wedding anniversary(!), so the husband and I are going to take a few days together, just the two of us, to relax and explore Sofia, the capital. It's all very exciting!

I have scheduled some posts for while I am away, so hopefully that should go smoothly?! If not, I will share them when I return! You can find me on Bloglovin' here!

See you in a few weeks!
Fran xx

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Crafty Creatives Box 12

After catching up with my backlog of reviews in yesterday's post,  today I am sharing my thoughts on the latest Crafty Creatives Box...

Box 12, entitled 'The Treat Box', took it's time in coming! I received a 'red slip of doom' on Friday, and as i was away all weekend I didn't get my hands on my box until Tuesday (yesterday!). After all the positive and raving comments on Twitter and Facebook, i caved and read some blog spoilers, so my creative juices have been mulling this box over this weekend!

Here are the contents...

 Gorgeous Art Card by Louise Williams

The Kit - a sweet-inspired cross stitch! I've done a lot of cross stitching in the past, so looking forward to this one! i have tons of embroidery flosses so will probably mix up the colours a bit...

Macaroon fabric fat quarter - i LOVE macaroons! This fabric has a good weight to it, and is so pretty! can't quite decide what to use it for yet as i don't want to waste it!

 Cookie cutter - i love butterflies so excited to try this!

Recipie card by Cathryn Dresser - i was a huge Cathryn fan during the Bake Off! I've also just started using spelt in things, so intrigued to try these biscuits out!

2 Chupa Chups - how yummy!

 Double sided craft papers - very pretty and colourful designs. Will add it into my papercrafts stash whilst i think on a good use for them.

Three cake slice charms from Susan King - I love Susan's work and have been an admirer for quite some time, so was VERY excited when i read about these in the blog spoilers! I was reaaaally hoping for two of the same colour and was so excited to get two pink & blue! These will be swiftly turned into matching earrings! I also received one pink and mint green charm, which will be put to one side whilst i think of something special to do with it!
Cupcake grosgrain ribbon - i have a vast and growing collection of ribbons, so this pretty length can join the happy family! However, I am loathed to use my ribbons as i love them so much!

5 ice cream buttons - how lovely?! I have a few ideas for these, mainly to use in forthcoming projects, so will share what happens to them in the future...

12 alteration tags from Stix2 - i was going to buy some of these, so was happy to find some in the box! I have plans to washi tape and ribbon them! perfect for gifting ear studs.

Colourful juicy beads - no real plans for these, but i really like the shine on them (the photos don't do them justice!), so will use them in future

'M' print cabochons - I have to be honest, but i was so disappointed with these... I saw how everyone (well, everyone i've seen!) got an array of colourful ones, and i LOVE colour and had some big plans for these... and then mine turned up and were black and white :( anybody want to do some swapping? Even just a couple?! I'd be very grateful!

So there we have it! despite the 'M' cabochons disappointment, I do really love this box, and it feels very summery! Next month is the Birthday Box, and I'm very excited to see what that one has to offer!

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Crafty Creatives - Boxes 10 & 11

Hello there!

Well, i can't quite believe so much time has passed since I last properly blogged.... i finished my course at the end of May, and was going to just jump straight back into blogging, but was just at a loss with where to start as i had so much to catch up on. Over the next few weeks, i have posts lined up to fill you in on life and where my creative streak has taken me recently, but i figured it was best to start up again where i started off originally! So, here is a photo heavy post of #ccbox10 and #ccbox11...

Crafty Creatives box 10....
So, box 10 arrived in April, just as my work got crazy. Initially, i felt a little underwhelmed by the 'Blue' theme, but as i trawled through the box i found it gave so much inspiration and pretty much everything lent itself to something i would like to make! Here are the contents....

Art Card by Catherine Moody; 
3 Americana acrylic paints (I love the middle one!); 
mini canvas

Nepalese felt balls (which i LOVE); 
tiny beads from Musha Makes; 
2 bluebird pendants (i really like the pale blue ones that a lot of others received, so still trying to find some inspiration for my navy birds)

2 pieces of A5 blue craft paper; 
3 tubes from Stix2 (one glitter, one seed beads, one caviar beads); 
samples of white & blue Jumping Clay; 
fat quarter of blue dotty cotton, as featured in the background of these photos!

The kit was for a bluebird mobile. i ended up adapting this slightly, and so the photo above is of the leftovers! Will share my creation soon!

Crafty Creatives Box 11...
Box 11 arrived in May, and the 'Glamour' theme just screamed Gastby! It certainly got me excited for the film (which I loved!)! I haven't really touched this box yet. Whilst I loved it's contents and the theme, I felt like i needed an 'occasion' to wear / use some of the items. So, most of it has gone into my stash, ready for some inspiration or a glamorous occasion! Box 11 included...

 Red rose cabochon; 
10 gorgeous Swarovski crystal beads; 
fat quarter of black velvet (featured in the background!)

 Chunky sparkly beads; 
silver stardust (anyone got any inspiration for this?)

jump rings; 
2 silver-plated rhinestone teardrops; 
red inkpad; 
lace stamp

 A close up of the pretty lace stamp

Art Card by Lianne Williams;
removable photo glue from Stix2; 
beaded fluffy trim

Also included, but not shown, was the kit to make a beaded hair slide. That is a work in progress, so will share when it is finished!

What did you think of these boxes? Would love some inspiration for box 11!

Fran xx