Monday, 8 July 2013

Some sewing projects!!

Since receiving my sewing machine, i''ve been exploring with a few projects...

At first, I was a bit scared to use it, so i started simple! Here is my VERY basic 'patchwork' pin cushion...

Then I made some bunting... but my phone got stolen so I don't have those pictures anymore... but it was successful and pretty!

After that I decided to be a bit braver... and follow a pattern! Here is a tie-sided cushion...

Next up was a sewing machine cover. I based it on a tutorial i found here. 

BUT I wanted a hole in the middle for the handle and a patch pocket for the cotton reel. The pocket was ok... but WOW was the rest of it tough to construct! I just didn't REALLY think through what i was actually doing... I just sewed and thought and unpicked as i went along! BIG novice error, and I have learnt my lesson!

The lining

The outer

The biggest problem / headache came when i realised i couldn't hem the cover inside out as i had sewn-shut the middle... cue epic amounts of pinning and careful top-stitching! SIGH.

 The finished item! i LOVE it!

Next up: clothing! I have just cut out the pattern pieces for a top... so watch this space...!

What do you think? Do you have any top tip for newbie sewers?!

Fran xx

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