Thursday, 15 August 2013

A little trip to Chester

I recently spent a lovely day out in Chester. My school friend Becky lives in London, but was in the area and so we grabbed the chance to spend the day catching up on life, and combined it with a little explore of Chester!

The second most photographed clock in the UK, i do believe!

A city I last visited when I was 12 years old and remember very little of, Chester really surprised me with what it had to offer. It combines the very old with the very new, and is composed of an assortment of higgledy-piggledy buildings, each one built in a different century to the next.


For so many reasons, I felt Chester was very 'York-esque.' I lived in York for three years, and found myself comparing so many things in Chester to things I loved about York. The comparison was definitely not helped by the 'York Hog Roast' chain, which made for a very satisfying lunch.

Becky enjoying her Hog Roast

A massive highlight of our day in Chester was the discovery of 'Central Perk', a cafe themed, surprise surprise, around everyone's favourite retro sitcom, Friends (well, maybe not everyone's favourite. My Dad HATES it with a passion!).
 Please excuse the bad photo, and the poor Bin Man!

Inside it is adorned with neon lighting, and TV screens showing continuous re-runs of Friends. The cafe stocks an impressive array of American candy (such as Moon Pies, Twinkies, etc), and there is a good variety of home made goods, such as cheesecake and Red Velvet. I am SUCH a sucker for Red Velvet, and had to try some, despite the overwhelmingly colossal slice that I was presented with. And it was good. The cafe was very reasonably priced (£2 for a latte, £3 for a mammoth slice of cake), and I'm planning a return trip already!

So all in all, a great day in Chester. I only live an hour away, and I'm pretty sure I'll be back again before too long!

Fran xx

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