Monday, 5 August 2013

Bulgarian Travels #1 - Ascenovgrad

Hello! So, as mentioned previously, I spent the first 2.5 weeks of July in Bulgaria, and i thought it might be nice to share a few photos of the (literally) hundreds that I took!

This post is all about Ascenovgrad (where we were based for the two weeks whilst working with a church and teaching English) and the surrounding area.



 We did tie-dying in class one morning, and the next day the young people showed up wearing them! 

 SO many stray cats ev-er-y-where!

 Chudnite Mostove - natural rock formations from underground rivers.

a few of my class one day!

 Warmed sweetcorn from a street seller - incredible concept

 Night Hike to Assen's Fortress

 There was A LOT of friendship braclet making that happened over those weeks!

Next time: photos from Plovdiv!

Fran xx

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