Thursday, 22 August 2013

Crafty Creatives Box 14. WARNING: contains spoilers!

Howdy there!

This month, Crafty Creatives has gone all-out Western! I was fully unsold AT FIRST, but I've definitely changed my tune!

Despite being home pretty much all week, i had to pop out for a bit yesterday. And, of course, the box arrived whilst I was out. A few hours later, i successfully reclaimed it from the post office, having avoided all spoilers (a weakness of mine...). I needed to pop into the supermarket, and with suspense killing me, i hastily pulled out the art card, and read it quickly.

I'm not going to lie: I was pretty disappointed. I thought it was a bit of a boyish box, all Cowboys and Indians, and it just didn't really appeal to me.

But when i got it home, and had the chance to rummage, i quickly realised it was less cowboys and indians, more patterns and textures. Fab.

Also, I LOVE turquoise. It's not a colour i would have associated with this theme, but there's a lot of it in the box and it blends so well :D

So, what's in the box?!

This Kit: a dreamcatcher.  I have to say that I'm not really 'into' dreamcatchers, or the whole Spirits thing... but i thought it was a great idea for a kit, and will be searching out options for the components. The kit states that there should be two types of suedette lace, and I only got one? But my box did contain some extra wool (pictured), so maybe it was replaced? Hmmmm!

 Mini bonus Kit: rope basket! love the look of this, excited to try this out this afternoon!

Two types of denim: not sure what to do with this yet, but have a lot of spare denim in my house at the moment, so I'm sure it won't go to waste.

Printed fleece in a Native American pattern: The colours on the fleece are really rich. Going to save this until i can work out a way to use it as a feature on something.

 Turquoise beads: LOVE them. such a great colour! 
A tiny little bear charm: Very cute, reminded me of a cave painting.

Bronze star studs: I never really think of using studs, but now I have some I think I might just have to try them out!

Double-sided craft papers: Lovely, great quality. The one on the left is my definite fave!

 Suedette floral trim: I really like the trim! I'm in the process of 'upcycling' some of my old pairs of jeans, and this might come in handy for some pretty edging.

Feather charms: I do love them, but some of them are not the best quality (as you can see above). Will be using some of the better ones to make some earrings, i think.

What did you think of the box? Do you have any exciting plans / ideas?

Having been away for most of July and August, I'm pretty behind on my makes from my Crafty Creatives boxes, and blogging about them! Hoping to catch up soon!

Fran xx

P.S. - The background fabric is a scarf that I love. Doesn't it just compliment the theme so well?!

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  1. Really like your scarf, it goes really well! I thought the same thing about two types of suedette lace, but mine came in two thicknesses, no extra wool in mine though :)