Sunday, 11 August 2013

#Pinitdoit - Anniversary Photos

This is the first in a #pinitdoit series on this blog (does anyone know anywhere to link this into?). I have a bit of a Pnterest addiction (I can be found here) and thought this might encourage me to actually do something with them! And to blog about them when i do!

As mentioned here and here..... our first wedding anniversary was spent in Sofia. I loved this idea of taking a picture of yourself with a sign every wedding anniversary:

So here are a few that we took! We didn't have a pretty little blackboard or a good photographer, but i was happy to improvise with a crumpled piece of paper and some imagination :) We tried to be selective, and only take photos by what we deemed 'most impressive'...

By the Sveti Georgi (built in the 4th centrury, it is the oldest building in Sofia) and Roman ruins, taken by a happily obliging tourist

By the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, taken as a selfie

At the ampitheatre of Serdica, taken on self-timer

I love this idea, REALLY hope I remember next year!

Fran xx

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