Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Just one Sorbetto...

So, as mentioned here, my next big step in exploring the big wide sewing world is clothing. I found a pattern I thought looked simple enough, cut out all the pieces and then braced myself.

Instruction 1: Gather.

I crumpled. I went from feeling brave, to feeling completely clueless and wanting to scrap clothes sewing as 'good intentions but a bad idea'

And then I discovered the Sorbetto. 

Ok, so I realise I'm so late to the Sorbetto party, but I'm ok with this! 

Colette Patterns free Sorbetto download is such a beautiful idea for the less experienced clothing sewers like me, yet the finished result and potential adaptations keep the more seasoned sewers coming back for more. I discovered that Guthrie and Ghani... Are giving the Sorbetto a lot of love at the moment too! ( check out their Gallery...!)

Anyway... My Sobetto journey was not fault-free sadly, and I certainly seem to make life harder for myself. such as...

1. Having cut up my nice fabric for the definitely-too-difficult to currently attempt top, and eager to give the Sorbetto a try, I didn't have a piece of cotton big enough, so... I found a cutesy £2.50/m navy polka dot poly cotton in my stash and went for that, figuring it was cheap enough to mess up! I sewed two pieces together and then cut out the pattern, using the new seam as my fold line. It means the back pieces of fabric don't follow the grain line, and are cut on different lines themselves, so will probably misshapen quite quickly, but I decided I was ok with that.

2. I completely, absently mindedly, did NOT register that this was an American pattern, therefore American sizing. Massive Rookie Error. The realisation came once the side and shoulder seams were sewn, and i tried it on for size. i was completely perplexed for a while as to why i was wearing a tent... Sigh. I roughly marked and pinned and sewed, and so my end result is a 'pointy' look in the bottom corners; the top 'flares out', so to speak... Oh well. At least I won't make that mistake again in a hurry.

Anyway... here's my completed Sorbetto!!

Sorry for the bad photos and the creases!!

Despite all it's imperfections, i'm SO proud of what i accomplished! A top I made! That I can wear?! AND it looks good?!?! WOW.

I'm excited to make another!!

Fran xx

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